Monday, February 28, 2011

First week back

Last week I completed 2 six mile runs, a 12mile run, a plyometric workout and an upper body and core lifting circuit. I will have more details for this week as I am back tracking. 
The 12 mile felt great, calves were a little sore starting out this week. Pacing is the most important aspect of the long runs and pushing hard in the shorter ones. I am going to incorporate a few hill runs and stairs so I don't get to bored. 
More to come.

Training Time!

SO I have been home almost a week from a 6 week travel escapade with my twin sister. I spent the time traveling and working on organic farms in south Brazil. It was amazing and I wish I could still be traveling however, I had obligations waiting for me at home.

While I was gone I was unable to train and exercise the way I normally do. There wasn't an easily accessible rock climbing gym and running was difficult because of the constant movement and safety. I did manage to squeeze a few long runs in on some beautiful clay red hills overlooking some of the towns we were at but consistency was not there.

I am scheduled to run in the Capital City Marathon in  my home town of Olympia, WA with a good friend of mine. We are training buddies and thank god I have a decent base already.

As part of this upcoming challenge for myself, I am going to focus the upcoming months on training for the marathon and posting all my eating habits and training schedules. I have a few programs that I have been looking at as a guide and will be forming my own based on how my training feels and where I feel I need improvement.

I am big advocate of cross training and will be incorporating that into my routine.
I will be posting my diet and exercise schedule as well.
A few posts will be following to update a few things i have done this last week and my trip.