Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snap Soup!

In a pinch? or just tired and don't feel like waiting an hour for dinner? A simple way to add nutrition and volume to a meal is to take a can of healthy soup and add your favorite veg to it! I started with half an onion and 3 stalks of celery, slice and dice and sweat in a pot. Let them get as soft as you like. I add dill and garlic powder which are great for adding to whatever soup you have. Dill was  spice my grandmother used a lot when she made soups when I was young so it bring back memories and definitely turns a canned soup into a home made comfort. Add the can of soup and additional water, maybe half a can? cover and put on medium heat. This helps "beef" up a soup without adding serious calories or time.
Being a vegetarian, I LOVE Amy's Organic soups and the Lentil is perfect for the protein. Its also a little bland to me on its own so the dill and garlic help it out.

LOVE IT! Perfect after getting back from walking the dog in the woods on a wet Olympia day.

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