Monday, April 18, 2011

Raw Sweet potato chips and Artichoke Tapenade

The raw food craze is both awesome and I definitely believe that raw food should be a significant part of our diet. The live enzymes and unprocessed fibers allow our body to get to work! which is what is was made to do. By cooking all of our food (an unnecessary process for so many types) we are actually making more work for ourselves and robbing our bodies of essential vitamins and minerals that are destroyed by various cooking processes. I am not a full raw vegan and I don't ever plan to be however, food needs to be appreciated for its natural state and consumed in this manner to reap its full benefit.

The first part we have to get over are the texture changes. Just as  many things follow suit, different isn't bad, its just different. Different soon changes to familiar and awesome after hanging out with different for a while. Different is a cool guy, he's interesting mysterious and soon becomes your best friend. Embrace the various textures food takes on when it is in its raw form. yes cooking food provides great taste (I do not disagree).
Not trying food in its raw form is kinda like falling in love with someone and never meeting their parents. (some might be totally cool with this) You don't always know who someone is until you learn about where they come from.

Time spent on organic farms taught me to eat straight from the ground if I can. Obviously we get caught up in many things and methods and comforts but when we are conscious and aware of it, give raw food a try. Skip the oven and stove and go straight to the plate from the cutting board.

Sweet Potato Chips and Artichoke Tapenade

Serves 1
one large sweet potato. Wash it (little scrubber helps) and cut that baby right up into little potato chip like discs.... thats it. People we have raw sweet potato chips.

I cut up some artichoke hearts and mixed them with olive oil salt, pepper and lime juice. Food processor would be great for this.

So good for snacking and insanely filling.

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