Monday, October 25, 2010

Eating Out

Eating out is one of the best parts of socializing. I love restaurants and hopefully one day will open one but the majority of them are either unaware or simply don't care about your eating habits other than making you fat and happy! Sometimes letting go and enjoying is totally okay. However, if eating out is a way of life playing dumb to portions and ingredients will come to bite you in the butt.
SO I will be updating some ideas about eating out for different meals, here are some tips about breakfast.

- Ask to have your eggs, potatoes and veggies cooked in olive oil. Most places use butter which tastes delicious I know but eating it in the amount that it is used is just not healthy. 
- Order your toast dry and add the butter or jelly yourself. I personally like it dry because I prefer peanut butter. 
- most fruit compotes are made with added sugar. Ask for fresh fruit and add honey to sweeten. 
- Most breakfast places serve oatmeal! go for it! its usually inexpensive too....
- Ok. So being the one to order egg whites is sometimes lame. I understand I have been there. However, the amount of cholesterol in one egg yoke is almost equivalent to your total limit for the day.... Just sayin...
- Double your veggies in that scramble! they will do it if you ask! 
- Order the heart healthy pancakes, they are usually made with whole grains and oats. 
- Fresh fruit on the side!
- Fruit juice is great but remember the glasses they usually serve it in are more than double an 8 oz serving so be aware you could be drinking your calories in breakfast  before it even gets to the table. 
- hollandaise sauce is just naughty. In case you didn't know its egg yoke and butter. enough said. don't even go there...
- Avocado is a healthy fat and great during breakfast. 
- Cottage cheese & yogurt usually healthier options so look for those!
- If its a good restaurant they will serve real maple syrup but even so, 1/4 cup is 210 calories of sugar... 2 tablespoons is about 80 so just be careful. 
** agave is a great alternative to a sugar topping, it has a lower glycemic index. 

More to come

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