Sunday, October 24, 2010


So Tea is a great way to bring more liquid into your diet. AMAZINGLY the majority of people don't consume enough liquid especially in the form of water. Make sure you are drinking water before workouts, after and during. Failing consume enough water for a work out can slow your metabolism up to 16%. so DRINK!

Tea is a great way to provide your body with water and cleanse your system. It is naturally a diuretic so it will make you pee more frequently but your urine will carry with it toxins, unneeded and unnecessary salts helping to balance your body.

My favorites Teas are Earl Grey, Yerba Mate and Peppermint.
My favorite way to drink Yerba mate is iced/chilled and I try to keep it in glass to prevent the consumption of harmful toxins released when plastic containers break down over time. I usually brew a cup of tea with two tea bags then transfer it into a jug and refrigerate over night.
There are many forms of Mate but for me its easiest to have it in the bags. Though using a gourd and straining straw are awesome!
The best way to experiment with teas and your favorite varieties is to purchase loose leaf teas in stores that stock them as bulk items and buy them in packets of 1 oz to try them out! Olympia has a few places that offer great selections. 

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